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- 4150 CMV Melonite

- 1/7 Twist

- M4 Feed Ramps

- Carbine Length Gas System with F-Mark Front Sight Base

- QPQ Corrosion Resistant Finish

- A2 Flash Hider

- 1/2-28 Threaded Muzzle

- M16 BCG HP/MPI Tested with Viton O-ring

- 7 2-Piece Quadrail

- Dry Film Lubed Upper w/ T-Markings

- Standard Charging Handle

- Forward Assist & Ejection Port Assembly



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5 Stars
Customer review

There is nothing about this that is budget! Got this during Thanksgiving\Christmas sale for 300.00=tax shipped. Ran this on 6933,6945,6920 & BCM lowers & flawless cycling & accurate out of the box. I did have to tweek a little to get to 75 yards, but this is 10.5 inch barrel. Customer service is outstanding! Attentive, patient & courteous The only thing I didn't like was having to pay tax because he is in same state. Damn tax bloodsuckers! Would recommend to all & will be purchasing more for future builds. A+++++

5 Stars
Customer review

Received my upper in less than a week and I was very pleased with the quality of the upper for the price! You can look elsewhere, but you won't find these quality components (BA barrel and HP/MP BCG) in anything less than $500...go look, I dare you. Customer service is unmatched and they will answer any questions you have in record time (I was surprised to see an answer in my inbox in less than 5 minutes of sending my first email!!!). Very Happy and will be ordering again for another can't build with these components for less money unless you wait for Black Friday sales and get lucky. Thanks ACI!

5 Stars
Customer review

Just broke down and ordered one! got mine the other day, all my other goodies came in so my pistol build is now finished! Very happy with the fit and finish, I'll see how it groups in a couple weeks hopefully. Positive feedback left! The rail is nice and tight, finish is nice and even on everything. I swapped out the FH for a KAK Slimeline flash-can but otherwise its staying how I got it. Posted 10/24/14 in Forum