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- Mil-Spec


- Includes only a buffer tube for those with current pistol tube setups who already have a castle nut, end plate, spring and buffer.




The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives, Technology Branch has affirmed that the Thordsen Customs Buffer Tube Cover/CAA Saddle combination is a CHEEK REST and IS NOT a rifle stock. It DOES NOT reclassify an AR/AK type Pistol as a short barreled rifle under definitions established by the National Firearms Act of 1934 or the Gun Control Act of 1968. However, BATFE does specifically warn that any misuse of, or modification to, this configuration that may cause a firearm to be used outside of its design parameters, such as being shoulder fired, may change its classification and may make a firearm subject to NFA and GCA regulations and/or illegal to possess. Click on the links below to read the letters to and from ATF.


Thordsen Customs Letter to the ATF

Return Letter to Thordsen Customs from the ATF

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