Customer testimonials

We stand behind all of our products being with you for the long haul but if there is one thing we’ve noticed, is you can’t just have ONE Andro product. We’ve been manufacturing firearms for over half a decade for a reason. Our products look-good, feel good and operate at a top level. 

Awesome price, and Excellent product!


“I purchased this upper on a Wednesday and received it Saturday. Needless to say I was very pleased with how quickly it arrived. The upper itself is really nice. Everything about it screams quality. The rail is solid. The barrel is first rate. On my first trip to the range both myself and my girlfriend (who is new to shooting) were shooting 5 shot groups that ranged from .75 to 1.75 moa, with 50 grain federal varmint loads off a bipod, using a Leupold 3X9 Patrol scope, on an Anderson lower with a Geissele SSA trigger.

I believe this barrel would do a lot better with match ammo and better shooters. It is clearly the most accurate gun I own and a joy to shoot. It holds its own in all regard with my Springfield Loaded M1A and my Daniel Defense DDM300. My girlfriend loved the fact that the recoil was basically non-existent.

I just want to thank Jason and everyone at Andro for their quick service, awesome price, and excellent product. I will definitely be a repeat customer.”

Happy with the Service!


“I’ll preface this by saying I typically only buy from well-known dealers….a few less than honest dealings with smaller companies has left me a little wary. When I saw the ad for the complete ar15 uppers at such a great price, I was interested, but still leery. I had never heard of Andro Corp before, and they were out of Florida (and we all see the crazy Florida threads here on arf! LoL) I bit the bullet and exchanged several emails about an upper I was interested in. I ended up calling in my order and was happy with the service I received on the phone. I felt a little better about the transaction going smoothly in the end.

It Looks GREAT!


Long story short, they were honest about a shipping mistake and made no hint of an excuse, which was refreshing. Problems occur with businesses, I realize that. With the price being so low, I didn’t have the highest of expectations for the upper. I wanted a shooter, so I set my standards thusly. My upper arrived today and it looks GREAT! The fit and finish is on par with the Colts and LMTs I already have. If the rain stops here tonight, I will run it through its paces tomorrow and report back. Imagine my surprise as well when they also sent me a partial refund for the trouble with my delayed shipping!

From tackleberry1145 (


“Andro Corp, you have renewed my faith in small businesses in the firearms industry. With so many start up companies popping up, it is hard to know who you can trust. Y’all are DEFINITELY on the trustworthy list! I’m saving my pennies for that 300 Blackout upper….. I am coming back to you guys for sure!”