If you’ve ever wondered what the differences are between our five hundred dollar builds and our builds costing fifteen hundred and up. Your not alone. 

AR’s allow more function and design modifications than any other firearm on the planet. ACI, as well as many other small AR manufactures, have the ability to cater to our clients design ideas, budget and build time. Quite impossible with most other firearms and larger manufactures. It is simply not feasible for larger manufacturers to enter into the custom business. There are simply to many options to maintain the inventory and logistics required from design to delivery. This creates a unique space for smaller manufactures to thrive. Within this small community there are many varying options ranging from cost, caliber, size, color and the list goes on. So how does Andro Corp offer such a wide variety appealing to all budgets?

It’s simple. Our core motto from the beginning of our existence has been “Quality, Integrity”. We carry that perspective in every unit we build and deliver. Our budget AR15 consist of the same high quality core components as our higher budgeted rifles and pistols. Our BCGs, forged upper and forged lower and manufactured by A.O. Precision in Daytona Beach, FL. A true Mil-Spec OEM company. We rely on Ballistic Advantage for almost all of our barrels. CMMG lower parts kits have been a rock solid choice in Andro AR’s from day one. By using unbranded American OEM companies for basic accessories, hand guards and base model AR non-firing control components we are able to reduce overall cost while maintaining the firearms integrity. 

AR enthusiast will inform you that a simple budget can escalate quickly. One quick look at industry leading accessory manufacturer SLR Rifleworks or Cerakote Gurus, Deadlock Coatings and your budget rifle is now a runway model. 

One major distinction separating AR’s from most other firearms other than its reliability, accuracy, customization possibilities, Cost/ Value benefit, Size/ Weight,and caliber options would be the end users ability to easily learn his or her weapon. This firearm is simply user friendly. So, whether you are buying a a beater or a beauty, one thing is for sure. Andro has got you something you can rely on no matter your budget.