Now available on our website. You can purchase the ACI-15 ALPHA MOD 1. A reliable, 3 gun ready AR-15. Only, for the product list on this one, your left with a few dollars to top it with a quality optic. Retailing at 1799.00, but listed currently at 1599.00. This light weight, no recoil, tack driver will compete with any top name manufacturer. In fact, many items on this rifle are from some of our favorite manufacturers. SLR Rifleworks, Radian, Ballistic Advantage & the list go on.

Guaranteed to achieve 1 MOA from the Ballistic Advantage mid-length, 1/7 twist 4150 CMV barrel. SLR Rifleworks provides minimal recoil with their BCF muzzle device. Before you enjoy those fine features, experience squeezing a 3.5 pound flat trigger from CMC Triggers. Wait until you feel the short clean reset. A fully Nitrided BCG increases lubricity minimizing friction and increases the ease of cleaning. SLR Rifleworks has also designed the lightweight ION series MLOK handguard specifically for the Alpha series. 

Like all of the other products we put our name on, The MOD 1 has lifetime warranty.

Check it out and let us know what you think.