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– Carbon Fiber Buffer Tube – Toray M30SC 18K Carbon Fiber

– Accepts Standard Mil Spec Dimension Stocks, Castle Nuts and End Plates

– Accepts all AR15 Variant Buffer Tube Springs and Buffers

– 2.6 Ounces ( Mil-Spec Buffer Tube Weighs 3.9 Ounces)



  1. Dustin (verified owner)

    Poor craftsmanship and lacks precision that even mil-spec items would laugh at. The notch in the threads DO NOT line up with the tube positioning rail, and the logo isn’t even lined with it either. Sad quality.

    • jason Wilcox

      Why haven’t you reached out to us about this? IF the tube isn’t lined up properly your stock won’t be aligned properly. Everything we sell is warrantied.

  2. Joe (verified owner)

    Could not be more happy with mine. Fitment is perfect. Plan on ordering another for my next build. I have over 5k rounds on this tube and no issues.

    • jason Wilcox

      Thank you!

    • jason Wilcox

      Awesome thank you!

  3. Robert Ellis (verified owner)

    My tube is perfect as far as manufacturing and build quality. I would give it 5 stars but the black is shiny which doesn’t match any other part of my ARs. All of them are anodized black. Most ARs are anodized or cerakoted flat black not high gloss black and the bright white etched logo is too bright and too big. Going to see if rubbing some dark gray paint in it tones it down to an acceptable level. I might give the black a light sanding with 400-600 grit and see if that dulls it. It is strong and light and carbon fiber is cool looking its got a camo look to it instead of the common checkerboard patern, so its got all that going for it. Would like to buy one with lightening cuts or holes in it to make it even lighter weight and cooler looking. I’m building a 8.6 blkout pistol at the moment and would immediately buy a tube that fits my above qualifications…hint

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